Building regenerative economy, internal capacity and social impact by training & mentoring the Startup and innovation journey in Indigenous communities.


Upskill community and members

Upskill community and members

Grow new businesses and employment opportunity

Grow new businesses and employment opportunity

Build capacity & positive social and economic impact

Build capacity & positive social and economic impact

Online and onsite training programs

Online and onsite training programs


Empowered Nations entrepreneurship programs provide specialized training ,mentorship and tools through an Indigenous lens to both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to support the launch of new businesses and the ownership of critical life skills. The program is comprehensive and delivers a roadmap and guidance beginning with an idea, and ending with a first customer.

All education and learning is delivered online using a state-of-the-art learning and workplace platform, and is supported by a combination of wrap-around mentored and self-directed development carried out within.

Programming, mentorship and content is delivered through an Indigenous lens, and upholds Indigenous values and ways of knowing and being. All content is co-created alongside Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, as well as both Indigenous and non-Indigenous business leaders.


Empower community members to imagine, start, progress and sustain successful new businesses and employment

Provide learning, training and mentorship to community members to own key mind shifts and soft skills that will support future personal and business growth both inside and outside community

Increase the stability, security and prosperity of the local community by way of supporting the growth of economic sustainability and lifelong learning

Inspire and empower communities to build internal capacity for economic activity and growth

Create sustainable pathways forward for those who wish to remainin the community

Support already existing internal small business training and grant programs


Community Entrepreneurship Program

Community Entrepreneurship Program

Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Program

Leaders Entrepreneurship Workshops

Leaders Entrepreneurship Workshops


“Taking the class over a long period of time helps you sit with the information. I think I’ll have a solid business plan and a few paying customers at the end. This program excites me because this is my fourth business course, and this is the first time I feel most secure. The last one got me to a certain point but this one is going to take me all the way.”

Tanina Williams

founder of Amawilc , ( - bringing Indigenous ways of knowing and being to the classroom and boardroom

“It’s teaching me ways I have been wanting to learn in steps that I understand. I can talk to the teachers on the side. The program is personalized. “

Linda Dan

founder of balance of life, traditional teaching

“I’m 20 years old, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my entire life, but this program has given me the space to think about and grow my business idea. and it’s really cool!”

Claudia Thevarge

founder of Ambition Fitness, empowering women to become stronger

“The high of the program is the energy everyone has when we were coming together, even though we had technical difficulties they were overcome. We could problem solve together.”

Anita Patrick

founder of Indigenous artisan business

“I have always wanted to have my own business, but I was iffy about my knowledge.  I wanted to be more comfortable on the business end of things. This program has helped me feel way more confident. ”

Alcina Pierre

founder of Ama-zing Eats, wholesome creative comfort food and catering



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2021 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards - GOLD
Empowered Startups

Empowered Startups is an Innovative Startup Incubator and foundry headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. With international offices in Canada, France and Portugal, we train/mentor/ and network entrepreneurs to successfully launch new businesses in diverse markets. As a foundry we also conceive, build and launch our own products and solutions.

As a globally recognized and internationally designated Startup Incubator we have mentored, accelerated, and incubated a notable portfolio of international and domestic business ideas across global locations. Our training tools and mentorship are used and recognized by leading global university labs, Startup incubators, and innovation hubs.


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