Willie is a Métis woman from Northern Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and a Master of Arts in Archaeology. She has a diverse background and has mainly spent the last 7+ years working in education in both curriculum design and teaching. She is close with her culture and enjoys connecting and building relationships with Indigenous communities and working with them to create land-based and community driven education. She is passionate about de-colonizing curriculum and making education of all levels accessible to Indigenous people.

Willie has always had an entrepreneurial mind and started her first business when she was only 10 years old: Cotton Willie’s, a popcorn and cotton candy business based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Through her small business venture, she has helped raise funds for numerous charities and causes. Cotton Willie’s has since been profitable for 10+ years and continues to be seen at many community events, parties, weddings, and more. She wants to bring her specialization of working with Indigenous communities and her passion for business together and work with Empowered Nations to bring our program to Indigenous communities and innovators.