Curious about our logo?

The logo for Empowered Nations was designed by Levi Nelson, a Líl’wat artist. He created a unique and thoughtful piece that showcases Empowered Nations’ roots, as well as his own. 

“Traditional colours of Northwest coast form line are; red, black, and white. I prefer the hand as black and white and the font as red, as it helps fulfill the traditional colours of my Salish peoples and will bode well with other First Nations by way of design and colour. The hand is symbolic of healing, helping, and creativity, where the centered eye represents the watchful eye of the ancestors, and the mind’s eye of intellectuality and ideas.”

Kúkwstum’ckacw, Levi. We are honoured to have your thoughtful work represent our organization and so powerfully reflect our mission. We wish you the best in your studies at Columbia!

If you’d like to see more of Levi’s work, check out these Facebook and Instagram links.