Snow Dancers, original artwork by Leah Dorion, 2006, Oil Painting on Canvas, Private Collection – Regina


“The solstice is the shortest day and the longest night.[…] It is a time of rest for a lot of the animals, and for the plants and it’s a time for the people to replenish their spirit. It’s time for them to dream.”

-Wilfred Buck, on Winter Solstice in the Cree Tradition

As we move through the darker days of winter, try to embrace the emotions and changes that come with this season.Enjoy some comfort vegetables such as squash, potatoes, and carrots, connect with people you care about, light a fire on snowy nights. And remember that, though there are still winter months ahead, the sun is strengthening and the warm season will return.

We’d like to celebrate… the entrepreneurs who worked so hard this year to develop their business ideas and bring their ideas to life! You are all such an inspiration! Wishing you all the best on your future journeys -and looking forward to staying connected in the year ahead! 

Aasia, Ariel, Artemis, Brandon, Chasity, Colleen, Daniel, Ed, Erin, Jacqueline, Jo, Joe, Josie, Jordan, Josh, Kyle, Mary, Mindy, Nicholas, Nicole, Patrika, Rikki, Samantha, Shalina, Stephen, Trish, Victoria, Wendy

Our deepest gratitude … 
goes to the amazing mentors who have provided inspiration and guidance to us at Empowered Nations and all of our entrepreneurs. It is an honour and a joy to work with you! 

Caitlin Newago , Cassandra Woolever, Harlan Kingfisher, Inez Cook, Joe Gallagher, Joella Hogan, Lawrence Lewis, Nicole McLaren, Robin Billy, Rocky James, Shannon Kilroy, Sharon Bond-Hogg, Tamara Goddard, Teara Fraser 

We hope each of you had a year rich with learning and new ideas or experiences. Here are a few exciting moments that made the news: OneFeather launches their APP and PAY card, Nicole McLaren earns the PowWow Pitch Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit, Joella Hogan receives CANIE’s Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year, Salmon n Bannock announces a new location in YVR airport, Kekuli Cafe opens a franchise location in Kamloops, and Harlan Kingfisher of Smudge the Blades wins PowWow Pitch!

Sending warmth, love and best wishes to you, your loved ones and your community!