Community cohorts are our keystone offering at Empowered Nations. With the belief that learning is most powerful when it is relational and collaborative, cohorts allow learners to experience a shared entrepreneurship journey with peers. Learners develop a strong sense of purpose, connectedness, confidence and momentum through this group energy.

Empowered Nations facilitators hold weekly virtual classroom sessions where cohort members gather to reflect, explore questions and extend their learning. Our unique virtual platform allows us to ‘flip the classroom’ – learners work through online modules independently, then share ideas with other group members to deepen understanding. This safe, supportive learning environment allows for growth in a breadth of areas: digital and financial literacy, work preparedness, leadership and communication skills. Learners also have opportunities for one-on-one meetings with course facilitators, guest speakers in the classroom and expert guidance from Empowered Nation’s team of mentors.

For training providers, Empowered Nations’ Community Cohorts are a complete solution for entrepreneurship and innovation training. The Empowered Nations team handles the planning, course delivery, wrap-around supports and even reporting at course closing, all while fostering entrepreneurial spirit and momentum within your community.

Key points for learners

  • A welcoming, supportive and accessible learning journey with wrap-around supports every step of the way
  • Twelve weeks of classroom sessions, with small cohort sizes to encourage relationship-building and sharing
  • One on one sessions with Empowered Nations facilitators for business-specific advising
  • Community leaders, Knowledge Keepers and notable entrepreneurs are welcomed into the classroom to offer inspiration and expertise

Key points for administrators

  • Administrators can breathe easy knowing that this is a complete training solution, from start to finish.
  • Empowered Nations facilitators handle all course content and check-in regularly one-on-one with learners
  • EN's administrative team provides interim and final reports with detailed descriptions and metrics about deliverables

Who is best suited for this type of delivery?

ISET or other skills and education providers looking to offer culturally relevant, holistic and accessible innovation and startup training for aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Institutions looking to provide entrepreneurship courses, for instance high schools, colleges or adult education centres, but who don’t yet have the internal human resource capacity to deliver or support the journey

Individuals hoping for entrepreneurship training or support in growing their small business. Reach out to us to inquire about our seasonal cohorts – there may be a space available for you in an upcoming cohort!

Learners benefit from:

  • Weekly virtual classroom sessions, led by Empowered Nations facilitators, in which participants gather with peers to review concepts, explore points of interest more deeply,  share ideas with peers and benefit from feedback about their businesses in a safe, supportive space
  • Additional one-on-one coaching sessions from EN facilitators and mentors
  • Access to the Empowered Nations ‘NEST’ – a networking and ongoing professional development space

As well as all the benefits of our online curriculum and digital workspace:

  • ‘Founder’ access to the Empowered Nations training platform for one year
  • 12 modules of curriculum specifically designed by and for Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • 17+ hours of interactive, engaging online learning that covers every step of early stage startup
  • over 25 real world assignments and task lists that prompt learners to build their business guided by the virtual trainer
  • the ability to invite advisors, collaborators and mentors into the platform to view and comment on business models and other work
  • digital workspace for safe storage and sharing of essential work and documents
  • online technical support from Empowered Nations’s digital development team
  • accredited digital badge upon successful completion to highlight their training

Benefits for administrators

  • Administrators can take a step back with confidence, knowing that they will be offering their community members a rich learning experience, with all the details taken care of
  • Communication with admin teams, including overviews and participant progress
  • End-of-program reporting, including data or details necessary for funding reports
  • EN’s team oversees the whole journey, provides the mentorship and supports necessary
  • Marketing materials in the form of stories profiling participants’ growth and experiences. These can be used as community news, business momentum and inspirational building blocks

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