In the Independent Learning delivery model, the Empowered Nations virtual trainer provides a comprehensive entrepreneurship journey for self-directed and self-paced learners. Learners simply login and begin!

The Empowered Nations platform is a scalable solution for organizations that are actively growing and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship within their communities. Busy administrators and trainers can leverage the strength of the Empowered Nations learning management system to streamline entrepreneurship offerings.

Key points for administrators

  • A 'login and begin' solution for offering, or scaling up, entrepreneurship training
  • Integrated share and chat tools promote communication and collaboration
  • Built-in mentor touchpoints increase accountability and completion rates
  • Training 'dashboard' provides overviews of participant progress and metrics useful for reporting
  • Increased efficiency of administrative team through consistent delivery and increased oversight of learners

Key points for learners

  • Learn on their own time, at their own pace, from wherever they are
  • Virtual trainer guides and prompts learners along the way to maintain momentum
  • One year access to EN's comprehensive curriculum and learning platform offers ample time to move through and even revisit modules
  • Option to invite guides, mentors and collaborators to share the journey

Who is best suited for this type of delivery?

As an organization that supports innovation and entrepreneurship you want to efficiently train, track and mentor a greater number of people or projects through your entrepreneurship programs. You need a scalable solution but perhaps don’t have all the resources to do so ‘in house’ or your training program would benefit from a more systematic, consistent delivery.

Common examples:

  • Nations/communities/organizations that are working to grow and support innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and startups or small businesses. Your organization could benefit from streamlining basic entrepreneurial training to dedicate more human resources towards advising and guidance of entrepreneurs
  • Educational organizations providing entrepreneurship training to larger groups, for instance secondary schools, universities or adult education centres, seeking an online, comprehensive startup curriculum
  • Startup accelerators or mentorship organizations looking to build a simple, consistent structure to easily follow, support and advise groups of founders and ventures

Learners benefit from:

  • one year ‘Founder’ access
  • 12 modules of curriculum specifically designed by and for Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • 17+ hours of interactive online learning
  • over 25 real world assignments guided by the virtual trainer
  • invite advisors, collaborators and mentors
  • digital workspace for safe storage and sharing of essential work and documents
  • online technical support
  • accredited digital badge

Administrative teams are supported by:

‘Administrator’ access to the Empowered Nations platform:

  • participant overviews
  • tracking of metrics
  • integrated sharing and commenting tools
  • mentor touchpoints and scheduling
  • invite and assign mentors

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