The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is innate within Indigenous ways of being. Communities, organizations and individuals are often looking to stoke or amplify that energy through training or supports but sometimes finding just the right fit can be difficult.

In partnership with Empowered Nations, you can create a custom-built training opportunity that will reflect the vision you have for your organization or community’s innovators  and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our facilitators and administrative team have years of experience in working with groups of all ages, in leadership and visioning settings, and with collaborative, solution-oriented mindsets.

A delivery that's unique to you:

  • Bring your vision and the Empowered Nations team will work with you to craft a solution that fits your needs
  • Target your training - perhaps it's for a leadership group, train the trainer type programming, a youth camp or even a community business project
  • Decide on a timeline that is realistic for your organization and your vision
  • Maximize flexibility of learning by pairing online, asynchronous study with workshop-style sessions

Who is best suited for this type of delivery?

If the Independent Learning and Community Cohort offerings didn’t quite suit your needs, call us to see how we can create a Tailored Delivery that fits a little better.

Perhaps your organization isn’t seeking a full entrepreneurship program but would benefit from something more ‘bite sized’ like a summer youth camp or internship program.

Maybe you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea and want a clear and effective path to figuring out how to start your innovative business.


Learners benefit from:

An entrepreneurship journey that is custom-built with them in mind.

The administrative team will :

Work in collaboration with Empowered Nations to build the right delivery, a solution that will reflect your strengths, vision and needs.

Make your vision a reality

Reach out to us today to design
a training solution that meets your needs.

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