Hypnotherapy for healing and growth at Intentional Actor

Intentional Actor


Everyone has their superpowers – for Ariel Kew-Ladret, one of them is her ability to relate to people and to their challenges. Supporting and empowering others fuels her and has been the impetus for the creation of Intentional Actor, her Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching business.

Even in her earliest years Ariel understood the world through stories and the way storytelling connects people. “I’ve always been really expressive, whether it was music, acting or putting on little shows. Storytelling and being ‘in character’ has always been the way that I think, how I naturally processed stuff that I was going through as a kid.”

Ariel has a career as an actor but was also looking for another way to serve. “I really love helping people. With hypnotherapy, I can help people into this relaxed state” where they can clear their subconscious, become more confident. Ariel speaks candidly about the challenges of working in creative worlds – the pressure, vulnerability, and rejection that one faces, and the way this builds trauma in one’s subconscious. With the help of hypnotherapy and coaching, “you can be more aligned and become like a clear vessel.”

In the same way that Ariel is seeking to help open doors for others, she is grateful for the opportunities she has had as a learner and a Métis woman. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have the support [for education and training programs]”. Empowered Nations offers training to entrepreneurs at the ideation stage, but also recognizes and supports their journey over the long haul. For Ariel, the “development of this business has been a slow burn. That’s where you guys [at Empowered Nations] come in. The ongoing support is helping.”

As Ariel understands, in learning and growth “so much of it has to do with safety and protection.” She supports people in “seeing themselves in the way that they would like it to be.”

Ariel has already taken the leap into making that vision of herself a reality. We are so thrilled for you, Ariel!