Meet the people and communities that have shared in the Empowered Nations journey.

Offering learning journeys, one treasure hunt at a time

Nicole Hall is a knowledge seeker who believes the journey towards understanding is an essential part of the learning process. Her deep curiosity has led her down many paths – in her studies, her work and even her own history. Nicole has worked extensively with youth and has a background in writing and Indigenous studies. […]

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Hypnotherapy for healing and growth at Intentional Actor

Everyone has their superpowers – for Ariel Kew-Ladret, one of them is her ability to relate to people and to their challenges. Supporting and empowering others fuels her and has been the impetus for the creation of Intentional Actor, her Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching business. Even in her earliest years Ariel understood the world through […]

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Secwepemc territory
Founder Story

Holistic health, closer to home

So many words come rushing up when trying to describe Jacqueline Turvey: nurturing, reflective, talented, dauntless! There is no doubt that she was born to be a healer – she exudes warmth, compassion and caring – but she is also a visionary who wants to build solutions to the complex problems she sees around her […]

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